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Server PVP Type
Players Online: 26 Players Online
Online Record: 1122 Players
Data de Criação: 08/05/2023
Localização: South America - Brasil
PvP Type: Optional PvP

Players Online  
Name  [sort] Level  [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Ariomar 374 Royal Paladin
Bureno 766 Royal Paladin
Champola Difrango 254 Royal Paladin
Chronos The Titan 859 Royal Paladin
Emburradin 678 Royal Paladin
Esoxx One 642 Royal Paladin
Heishiro 482 Royal Paladin
Hypnos 877 Royal Paladin
Jhow Loko 802 Royal Paladin
Jorge FeruPvP 995 Royal Paladin
Kanalla FeruPvP 668 Elite Knight
Knowalanches 267 Master Sorcerer
Ludmilla 613 Royal Paladin
Makbro Fofoquinha 1658 Royal Paladin
Marano 766 Elite Knight
Nymphadora Tonks 900 Royal Paladin
Pauleta 607 Royal Paladin
Pohador 754 Elite Knight
Pronto Falei 269 Royal Paladin
Rick Mendes 709 Elite Knight
Royal Basto 632 Royal Paladin
Sara Iaucci 678 Royal Paladin
Sem Allma 926 Master Sorcerer
Trinchi 685 Elite Knight
Van De'vast 762 Royal Paladin
Xegrei Brasil 245 Master Sorcerer

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